The Alumni Acoustic

Take Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bass, and some of the finest 3-Part harmonies you will ever hear, put them together with the best songs of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and you have “The Alumni Acoustic.” This amazing trio consists of 3 members that literally helped build what today is known as Classic Rock.

Larry Larson, front man for the group, spent the majority of his music career as Musical Director, Bassist, and Vocalist for Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. Randy Brown was a featured guitarist on MTV’s first live concert shown nationally (back when MTV meant Music Television!) and has backed up Jackson Browne, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Kenny Rogers. Tom Bralley was the keyboard virtuoso in the all-time movie classic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

The Alumni Acoustic was created when the three agreed to perform some of their favorite songs from the late 60’s at their 40th high school reunion. (They graduated the same year, 1971, from Arcadia High School) Stunning the crowd with acoustic versions of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s “Helplessly Hoping” C,S,N,&Y’s “Teach Your Children”, and America’s “Ventura Highway”, the 3 knew they had hit on something very unique, and very powerful. The glistening 3-part harmonies had stunned their fellow graduates and helped them realize not only was no one playing these classic songs anymore, but no one was taking the time to create those incredible vocals that had once moved an entire generation. Since then the success the Alumni Acoustic has had is almost mind boggling. Every show is packed with friends and fans that not only love the music and harmonies the group is putting out, but the inclusive nature of the shows. Everyone is encouraged to sing along; creating an atmosphere of not only entertainment, but a true feeling of bonding, all through the music this generation grew up on. When classics like Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, or Nowhere Man are performed one can hear a pin drop as the intricate, soaring 3 part harmonies are sung to perfection. Other times songs like “Brown-Eyed Girl” and “Sweet Caroline” have the entire crowd singing, clapping and dancing, everyone lost in the music. This is what the group is about, entertainment for everyone. The Alumni Acoustic is not only the best at what they do, they are obsessed with creating an environment that is entertaining, crowd focused, and totally professional in appearance, demeanor, punctuality, and attitude. Whether performing at a wine bar, a patio show, a corporate function or concert setting, The Alumni Acoustic simply put cannot be topped. The songs, the stories, the voices, the playing are unequaled. All of it together creates an experience no other group can come close to, and that is why everywhere they go, they are asked the same question.
“When can you come back?”